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Four Years and Still Counting

Since 2016

Ninedrop was founded in 2016, what supposed to be a place for blogs and forums, where people, expert in the latest technologies can share their ideas and experience about cloud migration journeys. We then quickly transformed into a small consulting firm and officially formed Ninedrop Ltd a year later in 2017.

2017 -2019

Born in cloud, we have been working on empowering organisations with their cloud first approach. We have been part of the technology adoption and growth programs for a large FTSE 250 company in which Ninedrop played a key role designing and delivering end-to-end migration solutions. We have since designed and delivered numerous solutions in modernising and transforming our client’s workplaces for this new digital era by leveraging the use of cutting-edge Microsoft 365 technologies.

Year 2020

Clearly many organisations are coming out weathering the Covid-19 storm and we are no different. This situation has created a huge gap in the market. There is now an increase number of customers looking to gain maximum value from their investments. Our customers demand modern, agile solutions through which they can save costs and increase their workforce productivity. 

We are excited to announce the launch of managed IT and software development services on top our renowned professional services. We believe in delivering transparent, accountable and cost-effective solutions without compromising our core values of quality, cost and cost-effectiveness.



We believe in quality. We don’t make compromises on the quality of the work that we deliver.



Time is money. Our services are delivered within agreed time, saving our clients time and money.



Cost matters to every business. Our solutions are competitive and cost-effective at all levels.

Deliver More And Promise Less

Our Approach Our Promise

We listen to our clients about their business needs carefully, we response with an appropriate practical solution, that make perfect sense to your business. We are always eager to hear your opinion about the IT challenges you are facing as a business; we believe Ninedrop can help.

We want all our customers to be happy and satisfied and Ninedrop goes extra miles in making sure that happens. We know our customers expect great service, we listen and raises our bars to strive for best. We promise less but deliver more and faster, resulting happy customers – truly that has led us in developing long lasting relationship with our customers and has helped us and customers to grow.

Our customers are core to our business!

Building Long Lasting Relationships With Our Clients Matters To Us Most.

Our communication And Commitment To Our Customers is key

Our services

Our Solution

Ninddrop solutions are NOT sales led. Our Solutions Are Technical Led Solutions. Combined between us, we have over 20 years of solid IT experience. We are subject matter expert on Identity & Access Management (IDM), Azure, Office 365, Active Directory, Azure AD, Azure AD Connect, Active Directory Certificate Services, Microsoft Exchange, Exchange Hybrid, Hyper-V and Quest MM for AD and Exchange.
We deliver the very best of IT solutions in the world of digital transformation. Our technical experts are highly accredited in the Microsoft world.

We Are Ready To Help You Every Step Of The Way

Do you have a question about our products and services or would like to know more about us, then speak to us or submit our secure contact form, and we will get back to you in your convenient time.