We help you focus on things that matters you most, your digital transformation strategy. We are specialist technology company in providing deep technical consultancy and expertise through our unique technical led, NON-Sales solutions. We design and deliver complete End-To-End migration solutions.

We look after your IT needs, while you look after your business.

Your business is facing an IT challenge, need an immediate IT support or looking for a technical consultant or a reliable Software partner, Look NO Further Then NINEDROP.  We have excellent technical consultants and engineer for all your needs.  Ninedrop provide 24/7, proactive monitoring and alert system, rapid response and remediation with our fully managed and remote support services.

Why us.....

Get More from Cloud

Get more from the world’s best productivity platform - Microsfot 365 Enterprise. Move to the Cloud securely, seamlessly, on-time and on-budget, through Ninedrop professional services. Want to get more form cloud investment, Ninedrop has all the expertise that you require to make best use of Office 365 communication and collaboration services, security and compliance advisory services, design and delivery of Enterprise and Mobility Services (EM+S) and more.

Modernise Your Workforce

It is time for your business to build modern workforce ready to take on future challenges. Microsoft 365 has all the right tools to allow your teams to work form wherever they are, be creative, work collaboratively and security. Microsoft 365 Enterprise comes with Office 365, Office 365 ProPlus and Enterprise Mobility + Security. Transition to the Microsoft productivity cloud and adopt a new way for managing and protecting your devices and data.

Migrate with Confidence

Transform your business with our low-cost migration services. Reducing risks and complexities, we will give you the confidence and migrate you faster. Struggling with managing your devices and worried about the corporate data being leaked then look no further. Ninedrop can help you with Intune design and delivery, migration from any third-party mobile device management solution, Exchange Online migration, tenant-to-tenant migration and identity migration

Identity Services

Migration as a Service (MaaS)

  • Seamlessly migrate your identity and maintain full access resources and systems
  • Restructuring and consolidation as a result of new merger and acquisitions
  • Simplify the Identity and Access and protect your identity, taking no chances
  • Reduce complexities and outages with our Zero Impact migration service
  • Maintain full access to network and resources throughout the migration
  • Maintain seamless access to all your on-premises LOB applications
  • Maintain seamless access to all your cloud based SaaS applications

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

  • Hybrid Identity - single identity for authentication and authorization to all resources
  • Seamless SSO - automatically sign in your corporate users to network and resources
  • Secure access to your resources through the use of IAM solutions
  • Protect against malicious login attempts by safeguarding your credentials with risk-based access controls and MFA
AD DS Migration, Consolidation and Restructuring Specialist

Maximise On Cloud Investment

Over the last several years Ninedrop has been engaged in transforming many businesses through their cloud journeys. We have helped many enterprises making a smooth journey to Office 365. With our consultant led technical solutions, you can be rest assured that your business will gain a maximum return of your Azure and Office 365 investment.

Microsoft has changed the Cloud game through its Azure and Office suite of cloud offerings. Ninedrop has witnessed many organisations moving their Exchange On-Premises to Exchange Online and then fully adopting full suite of office 365 services.

However, for many business their journey to cloud has not been so smooth due to lack of planning and IT staff under anticipating the level of challenges and complexities involved. To make sure that this doesn’t become an overwhelming learning experience for your organisation and IT staff remain focus delivering what they are good at, we recommend that your organisation engages with our unique technical consultancy partnership.  We do the very best, we know the technologies  at the level many don’t, we will will help you in delivering a successful migration and transition to cloud world. 

We will bring you more on our recent engagements  on some very complex migration challenges that we have under taken in migrating and restructuring a multi-forest AD DS and global Exchange migration.

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